Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My nest linky party

I have anxiety about joining this linky party.  Ha, that's cuz I don't want my inner slob to show on the internet.  I guess I have two nests at school...

The first nest is the one I like best because my laptop and document cam are there!  This picture is post my after school cleaning.
good: I love having my desk in the middle of the room.  It helps me keep it clean because I actually spend time there now.
bad: That nasty paper sorter gets so junky looking!  I need to go through and purge.  (There are also two bins you can see poking out from under my desk.  I'm hoping some elves live under there and will clean those out for me... I'm still waiting.)

ugly:  This is what it usually looks like at the end of the day.  Eeeeek!  I tend to keep going at rabbit pace all day and never stop to put (or even throw) things away until after the kids are gone.  I wish my desk were closer to the recycle bin!

This is my other nest... I hate the clutter surrounding it.  I even sewed a curtain to hide some of the clutter... unfortunately I don't think I made it big enough, it really needed to cover the whole small group area!
good: My "do not disturb" hat - When I am in small group or assessing kids I put it on, then the kids know not to bother us.  Sometimes I forget to put it on and the kids happily remind me when I try to shoo them away.  I probably look ridiculous... but hey, whatever works, right?
bad: Too much stuff!  I need to throw some away, but of course then I'll need it.  Am I the only one that identifies with the show Hoarders?  They should make an episode dedicated to teachers.
ugly: My small group table has been MUCH neater in past years.  I blame it on that nasty cabinet thingy.  I need to find a teacher to swap a bookshelf with me if I am in the same room again next year.

I'm too embarrassed to show you the nest I am sitting in right now at home (I have completely taken over the coffee table and one side of the couch), and the spare bedroom that has become a giant walk-in teaching closet.  My fiancee keeps asking me to do something about it.  Each time he asks, I go in there and move crates around, but somehow I don't think that's what he has in mind.  I even promised to bring some if it to my classroom, but then he realized June is just around the corner and it will all end up back at home anyway! ;)


oh' boy said...

thanks so much for sharing your nestS

Mrs. Lutton said...

The hat is too funny! Maybe I should try that!


Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

SDNana said...

Hoarders for teachers...My husband would so nominate me for that episode! I too have a spare bedroom that is really a "teacher room"-my husband has given up asking me about the room-he says he is too scared to even go in! He has a recliner and I have the couch-one-third to sit on and the other two-thirds to spread my "stuff" out on as I am working. SDNana

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